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New band

Postby Tom on Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:10 am

Well im sat here twiddling my thumbs so i thought i would pop on here for old times sake, dunno if it was a good idea or not but hey ho. Well just thought id mention me, matt, allan and becky are currently getting a new band on the go, its taking a bit of time but hopefully we should have some songs written soon and the we can get back out there playing to the masses....well the few lol.

Im gonna be stepping up to the mic and playing guitar, tis a very difficult thing to do, to be honest i dont know how rob did it, when we originaly started jamming rob expected to just play guitar but we sort of got him to sing and thank fuck we did as he did an amazing job that will never be forgotten or could be repeted, he had such a unique style of singing and writing that its kinda difficult to know how to come up with the music and lyrics but hopefully we will get there as we all miss playing. Just wanna make sure we do a good enough job and pay tribute to our dear friend who we all miss everyday.

Well ive rambled on enough for now. Thank you if you read all of this just thought id let people know that we are still very much here and will be coming back at some point. And if you fell asleep reading this then WAKE UP lol!!!!!!!

Love Tom xxxxx
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