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Postby Rob on Tue Oct 03, 2006 6:19 pm

Huge great thanks to everyone who turned up for our 5th birthday gig last friday, we are honoured. You did us proud.

Special honours go to :

D Highmore, Matt Beahan and Discogod for turning up as Satan, helping on the door and firing off balloons (and for the melancholy conversation on the way home).
Pegleg Dean for turning up as Jesus and doing door and balloon duties as well.
Mistress Aleox for making us a cake (which only Matt got a slice of :P ) and for being up the front, dancing and making noises.
Paula and Becky for massive enthusiasm and dancing and also noise making.

Thanks to all those people who shouted Smith, and less thanks to those who shouted spliff scuppering the mass Smith shouting attempt. But thanks anyway lol

Huge thanks to Tom of Bannister for being a complete legend, without this man the evening simply could not have happened. We are hugely in his debt.

Thanks to AWWBLOT for making the evening extra special and kicking ass. Extra thanks to Pete for coming up and singing A Song For with us. Special :)

Thanks to Bannister for kicking tremendous ass also. And thanks to *insert actual name here* for making us a poster and being a general top top bloke.

I apologise for not paying too much attention to the bands but I was so busy and stressed :shock:

Other thanks to Sian, Em, Scott, Akiko, Tom's family, Matt's mates and everyone I have forgotten to mention, everyone in attendance really.

Special thanks to Dave for managing to cheer me up and de-stress me everytime I went near him.

Thanks to Roxy Music for Virginia Plain, it rocks the free world.

And thanks for not having to do that again for another 5 years (organise a gig that is, not play)
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Postby gamesh on Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:33 pm

Thanks lads for a great night. Enjoyed it one hell of a lot even if I had a job walking to the taxi rank afterwards because my feet were so sore.

Great to meet Mistress Alexos (I think I've spelt that right). It was nice to put a face to the name.

Keep it up.


Heather \:D/

Postby Tom on Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:40 am

Thanks mom, sorry for the late reply but at least i have replied!!!!

Yes was a great night i think (was very hectic) thanks to all who attended, thanks to the mighty bannister and awwblot you were ace but i wouldnt expect any different. and just woohoo!!!.

TOM - Playin some block rockin beats!!!!
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