Drum Kit For Sale!!!!

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Drum Kit For Sale!!!!

Postby Tom on Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:51 am

Yes you read it right i am selling my drumkit to make way for a new kit so i can start a fresh in the new year. The said item for sale included's -

1 Tama swingstar fusion kit - yes it has been played a lot but its been with me for nearly 3and a half years and has not let me down once!!!!
there is-

1 x bass drum
2 x rack toms
1 x floor tom
1 x snare drum
1 x as new foot pedal (a pedal came with the kit but i had a new 1)
1 x crash stand
1 x ride stand
1 x high hat stand
1 x snare stand
1 x stool

The only cymbals i can sell with the kit are a set of sabian hi hats which were not cheap. So the only other thing you need is a crash cymbal and ride cymbal. Ive prob got a set of sticks i can throw in. So how much....as i said it has been played but it's not a wreck and anybody intrested is more than welcome to have a look. The 1st £250 takes the lot.

If intrested leave a message and i will get back to you.


Forgot to say i have just put new skins on the tom's!!
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