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You Are The Teacher - first review

Postby Rob on Sat Dec 23, 2006 2:13 pm

Well we haven't sent many out but I thought I'd get a copy off to Toxic Pete Brown as I'd had some mail from him, this is the result, thanks Pete! :

Meg - You're The Teacher EP

A recent communication from Meg's Rob Geraghty suggested that I simply don't like Meg - not true! It's not always exactly my thing but as they've developed I've grown into them more and more. Meg have been together now for five years and during that time they've matured in many ways - a fact that is demonstrated quite clearly with this impressive EP, 'You're The Teacher'.

Meg's rather unique take on what, I suppose, could be described as electro/indie/rock is out there on its own. I don't know of another band that are quite like Meg. Meg take their time, they like to get things just right - perfectionists and innovators, Meg don't always do what you'd expect them to! Another fact quite clearly demonstrated here.

Opening with 'Kelly, You're The Teacher' and instantly Meg grabbed me. What a great track! It'd make a great single release! Immediately I felt and heard the maturity now pouring out. Still quite simplistic but so well proportioned. Meg, I wasn't always hooked by your material but I'm shocked, hooked and reeled in now; superb stuff. And so to 'My Girl Wants To Fuck My Best Friend' - and once again guys, you've come up trumps. Although the track sometimes feels just a little cluttered it works very well. Hey guys, two out of two - let's go for the hat-trick! 'Volatile', and what can I say? Boy, you guys have come of age! This one has a feel a bit like Kraftwerk meets New Order but with balls! A gutsy riff and not too obvious variations make this a bit of an odd one but a great worker. Surely you can't make it four out of four can you? Well, 'Firework In Progress' is like nothing I've ever heard before from Meg. Is there a hint of country in there? Hey, you've done it guys! Four from four - what more can I say?

Meg have a great following and they won't be disappointed with the 'You're The Teacher EP'. All the experimental elements are still there. The simple still meets the diverse. But, I feel that Meg will draw in even more fans with this little beauty. Meg are alive and kicking! Meg are growing and maturing. Meg, I like it!!

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (

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