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Hecklerspray feature

Postby Matty Jetman on Thu Sep 27, 2007 3:52 pm

Those good eggs at Hecklerspray.com have done a feature on us in their Myspace Trawl section.

You can read it here http://www.hecklerspray.com/myspace-trawl-we-are-meg/200710170.php

MySpace Trawl returns from its brief holiday to hopefully bring you some exciting music that will make you really hip and cool amongst your peers.

We still get spammed with utterly dire shite musical crap on a freakishly regular basis that quite frankly is an embarrassment to the word music. However, we do sometimes shed a tear when we discover something that hasn’t been influenced by the other 3,563 bands that are all doing exactly the same thing. It's good to see that this week's choice band We Are Meg have some balls and are doing something different. Well, we’re sure Meg personally doesn’t have balls because, er, that would make her a him. Oh shit, this is getting out of hand. So let’s quickly clear this up from our dodgy introduction - no members of We Are Meg are pre-op transsexuals. We think. Ahem, anyway - We Are Meg are named after an irritating black cat, apparently.

We have always had a massive soft spot for now-departed indie/lo-fi oddbods Grandaddy. So when we saw that We Are Meg shared our passion for this band, our hopes were immediately raised. Bands who do this sort of thing like Super Furry Animals and even Elbow to an extent seem to be the most intelligent in this whole kind of indie genre. If you look at the current crop of apparent indie cool kids like The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs or The Twang they all have the same annoying thing in common - lyrics that will become festival anthems as crowds of daft people drunkenly shout back at the band in question. There is much more to a band than one line of a chorus of one song out of an album with eleven crap tracks on it.

Hooray, then, that We Are Meg have all of their bases covered with the songs they have put out over one EP, You’re The Teacher, and a second offering full of various slices of floaty indie electronics with The Lego Hair EP due out later on this year.

For the first time, we’re going to make some wanky NME style comment by describing the track Chips from The Lego Hair EP as a tasty little audio bite of dancefloor-filling indiepop madness. With high-pitched electronics lurking menacingly in the backgrounds, extra ingredients thrown in make this something that really should be appearing in nightclubs everywhere. With a head-nodding breakdown of calming vocals, it quickly comes back with such force that we can only imagine will cause indie girls being drenched in lager from people getting a little bit too excited from its intensity. With a good video behind it, we really could see this being showcased on MTV 2’s 120 minutes programme. Let’s hope so.

Stare Left also from the same EP presents us with a different sound from the band. A lazy acoustic guitar is the main focus of this piece which is accompanied with hazy vocals that fit in perfectly. They might be a little hard to hear – or maybe that’s our crap soundcard, but a polished and well-rounded vocal would have just sounded odd here. A lot of thought has been put in to how this should sound. And at just less then 2:30 long, it’s perfect. We don’t know what place on the EP this is, but it certainly seems like a perfect finisher to us.

But these songs are just as good, if not better, than tracks from their earlier EP. My Girl Wants To shows that We Are Meg can make moody-sounding guitar based tunes that don’t end with you feeling all sad and low. If anything, they make us feel all happy and bouncy, just like after eating too much sugar. There unique blend of happy bouncing indie splashed with imaginative electronics – unlike The Killers - makes us wonder why they are just confined to their local scene of Kidderminster and not the greater world.

We Are Meg have the sound to be big, and have something that as of yet we don’t think anyone else is doing in the UK. We can’t compare them to anyone. Which we guess is a good a thing; why would you want to be like anyone else when you are your own?
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