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adam and eve gig

Postby Tom on Fri Nov 11, 2005 3:12 pm

Hello! as it's not on here i thought i would post it. Meg are doing an acoustic gig on the 28th of this month, sorry cant remember the other bands name but should be intresting gig as it will be the 1st full meg line up acoustic gig ever, we are playing at the adam and eve pub in brum near the city centre and i may be playing guitar or maybe not, me an rob are practising at the moment for it so will have to see how it goes.

Tom x
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Postby OctopusQueen on Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:11 pm

Sounds good, would come if I could!
Hope it goes well, I've never really heard acoustic Meg before!
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Postby Rob on Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:49 pm

We are supporting a band called Fallout, that's all we know really.

We will be playing for 30-45 mins which we may be dependant on how much we get to practice.

SHould be interesting though.
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