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Postby Tom on Thu Dec 22, 2005 4:52 pm

Hello all, just a post to try and remind people to try and go to gig's, our's and other band's. Meg are at the moment sruggling to get gig's, promoters of gig's are saying that you need to try and bring x amount of people with you when you play so as to have a good audience an to help pay for the venue/sound person which is fair enough, the problem is you need to bring people to a gig but you need gig's to get your own fanbase so it's a catch situation. Either people go to live gig's or band's start giving up, to be fair we as a band are a lazy bunch of arse's but next year will hopefully be different with the new demo which we will start recording after xmas. Sorry for going on but i thought i needed to stress this issue.

Luv. Tom
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Postby Rob on Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:21 am

Yep. I guess a lot of bands do the rounds and then get so fed up they give up cos they can't get a decent fan base. We aren't quite there yet but it is disheartening sometimes. But I guess ya takes the rough with the smooth. But yes, our options continue to be limited by venues refusing to have us back (despite how the gig may have actually gone) because we can't drag in 20 - 25 people.

If last nights reaction was anything to go by the people ARE out there.

Historically we have tried to get friends and family to go to gigs which is nice but it'd be good if people actually turned up to see Meg rather than because they know the Meg peeps innit.

Hail to the Meg fans!

I would like to say big thank yous to people that have repeatedly came to watch us - Sian, Alex, D Highmore xxx - and to people that continue to encourage the Meg - James 1147 and the rest of the worcester bunch and the Dillon dudes and dudette.
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