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Postby Rob on Mon May 15, 2006 10:03 am

Well yeah, worth a review I think.

We had a really great gig, enjoyed ourselves muchly.

Waldo Jeffers tickled my fancy a bit, they have some interesting stuff going on indeed. The one that sounded like a sea shanty was top :) Bannister were pretty hot too, I couldn't keep my eyes off Tom's (not in that way although he is a handsome fella :P ) never ending assault on the drum kit. Top tub thumping, young man.

Not really sure why we are deemed fit to headline but it was an unusual and flattering honour! We pulled out some stops for this reason. A lifesize cutout of George Foreman (if he is only 3 and a half feet tall that is) coutesy of D Highmore, the presence (and nothing else) of Matt's Megbot and Matt brought along the bubble machine which is always a winner as far as I'm concerned. Matt also dragged out his sampler which I don't think we made best use of cos I seemed to be in a hurry to speed through everything. Oh yeah, and we added angry milk-drinking man's air-raid siren to the beginning of My Girl Want's To F**K My Best Friend. Quality.

Nightmare Noise/Stress At Work was unsheathed and revealed in all it's magnificience - to quiet applause but many people commented how great it was afterwards. So *thumbs up*

Generally very kind audience and Tom (Organiser and legendary drummer of Bannister) said we could become residents. We won't cos I fear people would get fed up and we wouldn't wanna drag you wonderful people out TOO often. But we are arranging another gig there in July. Watch space :P
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