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1147 Last night

Postby Rob on Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:18 pm

I played 1147's acoustic night last night, for the Meg completists out there who want to fill it in on the Meg colouring in calender.

I went Billy-no-mates again cos no one wanted to come, some bint didn't even bother replying to my invite :P You know who you are.

I played a cut down version of Kelly, You're The Teacher, the theme tune to rudely forgotten 80's sci-fi kids show Starfleet and finished off with a cover of Roxy Music's Virginia Plain.

Thanks must go to the enthusiastic young lady who sang along and offered me a swig of her drink when I complained of 'terrible dry mouth'. And thanks to the other folk who sang along too. Considering how many nerves I had before hand I was quite chuffed with how it went.

Was good to see Chris and Matt of AWWBLOT playing a little acoustic set less the other members of the band. Pete has disappeared off on tour with The Hot Puppies, as tour manager. They are off touring with The Bluetones. There ya go. Less happily Chris has seemingly refused to write any songs to add to his one solo effort which was one of my favourite tunes of last year. So no solo gigs any time soon then. Swine!
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